• Must be reliable for our customers.
• Customer satisfaction and our company's development, principled, planned and systematic working, it is possible to keep in the forefront of quality products and all our activities.
• Knowledge and human resources, by focusing on the voluntary participation of all employees should be in continuous improvement and teamwork.
• Protection and enhancement of the environment is one of the most important responsibilities.


• Our customers, natural, healthy and provide quality products,
• Resources to use as a rational, reduce losses, increase efficiency, reduce costs,
• To monitor the technological developments,In cooperation with our suppliers to ensure our quality is.

Food Safety Policy

•Food safety and hygiene practices on the natural and healthy products that could burn goal to provide our customers with peace of mind.
• Our customers are important to us. Love of people, people think health us important responsibilities in this regard .
• Currently, a significant increase in the risks arising from food for human health has necessitated the implementation of food safety and hygiene system.
• Our customers, our products because of food safety practices, in terms of health will be sure that a minimum level of risk.
• Food safety and hygiene practices, as well as being a factor for our customers reliable and provide us a tool to outmaneuver competitors.
• Our products pose a risk to the health of our customers to determine all the factors by providing timely and comprehensive manner in order to prevent potential risks in the production stage;
• Food safety and hygiene in all employees have the necessary knowledge and skills
• The execution of the food safety system with the participation of all employees
• Everyone in ensuring food safety and hygiene, to show the necessary sensitivity
• Monitoring of technological developments• Human and evaluate the most effective elements of information
• Continuous improvement of food safety and hygiene practices are essential in the face of growing conditions

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